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Hovering your way through Duolingo!

Somewhat belatedly I've just read the following link on the best way to use Duolingo. It is an excellent and simple way of gradually progressing through the tree. I wish I'd seen it earlier! As an OAP, I use Duolingo daily to keep the little grey cells active! Thanks to all, who work on this great application.


May 8, 2020



Isn’t this what everyone does anyway? Or is there another method I’ve not heard about?


No. A lot of people, when they start, do one skill until they have 5 crowns, and then move to the next skill. Sure, this is the worst way to do it, but newbies, what can I say? I don't actually hover, either; I go through the tree one crown in each skill at a time. But I haven't actually started a new language in quite some time. Anyway the point is that everyone finds the way that works best, but for a new language hovering works well for most people. Cheers!

Timor mortis conturbat me. 2020-05-08

[deactivated user]

    I think I only realized this long after I started.
    Even now I sometimes forget!

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