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"Gabh mo leisgeul. Can sin a-rithist."

Translation:Excuse me. Say that again.

May 8, 2020



Shouldn't it be "Can sin a-rithist, mas e do thoil e?" - otherweise GÀIDHLIG is such a polite language ?!


While "please" is used as an extremely common marker of politeness in English and its absence might be considered as rude, mas e do thoil e and mas e ur toil e are only rarely used in Gaelic, especially among native speakers. The Gaelic politeness in this sentence comes from the use of gabh mo leisgeul (and the tone of voice in a spoken context). Gaelic also expresses politeness through the use of questions (an can thu sin a-rithist?), different tenses and moods of the verb, as well as negative formulations (e.g. won't you say that again?) which Duolingo hasn't introduced yet - so you will eventually have a relatively wide range of ways of being polite in Gaelic, but adding an equivalent of "please" to a sentence is a rare one.


Thanks, that's very helpful.


In normal everyday situations the vast majorityof native speakers simply use the English word please! Mas e do/ur toil e has come in with the growth in learner speakers of the language and GME (Gaelic Medium Education).


I wrote the correct answer out 3 times and it kept saying "you are typing in English not Gaelic" then on the 4th try just said i was wrong and provided the correct answer, which was exactly what i typed.

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