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"Cette athlète était la pire de la compétition."

Translation:This athlete was the worst in the competition.

May 8, 2020



Could this not be masculine? It is very difficult to hear any difference: Cet athlete etait le pire de la competiton.


I am assuming it was a "type what you hear" exercise. Cette athlète would require la pire and here is where you would hear the difference.


Just hard to distinguish the difference between le and la when said quickly. I'm a bit hard of hearing too, so extra difficult.


I am assuming from the comments that if the sentence was about a male athlete then you would need to use le pire. I know the audio was la but just wanted to know if la would change to Le if the athlete was male. The dictionary says the worst is masculine Le pire so I am a little confused.


Yes, that is correct. le pire would be used with a male athlete. The sentence would then be Cet athlète était le pire de la compétition.


Thank you for taking the time to clarify

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