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  5. "Tha mi ag obair."

"Tha mi ag obair."

Translation:I am working.

May 8, 2020



Why is "at work" not accepted?


Different sentence than the one asked... tha mi aig m' obair?


Yes, tha mi aig m' obair means "I'm at work" as in "I'm at the office/ in the classroom/ etc." - e.g. "can I ring you back? tha mi aig m' obair an-dràsta".


I’d guess if you really want to express I am at work (as different from I am working) then perhaps tha mi aig obair since ag in Gaelic is really only used with the progressive verbal noun expressions? But I’m not sure. In Irish both would be the same.

To express that you are in your work-place or that it’s your working hours, you could say exactly that: I am in the office, it’s my working hours, etc. – so rephrase it somehow.

tha mi ag obair by default would be understood, I think, only as I am working.

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