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Appreciating Gaelic humour.

I'd just like to say how I much I appreciate the humour of the tips writer in Scottish Gaelic. The tips are usually a yawn-fest but I actually really enjoy reading these and, as a consequence, of course get much more out of them than usual!

May 8, 2020



I especially liked these 2:

Cha bhòrd bòrd gun aran ach 's bòrd aran leis fhèin. Translation: A table without bread is not a table but bread is a table on its own.

Chan eil tuil air nach tig traoghadh. Translation: There isn't a flood which will not subside.

Mòran taing!!


Not sure I understand what the table proverb means, can someone explain that?


A breadwinner puts bread (food) on the table but if you had to choose between them, you can't eat a table.


Jaaa, I concur! They are amazing, and it sure makes learning the theory and reading the Tips more fun! "Congratulations, you have just learned how to tell people if they are wearing clothes or not!" I mean, it's gentle, witty, a little bit absurd, a little bit uncalled for? My favorite kind of humor.


I laughed out loud when i read that one in the course.


I'm wondering if Iain is based on a real person. He seems to get a lot of flack :)

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