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Why is french called the language of love? Please comment on your opinion!

I hope this is not considered spam, but I just wondered why French is called the language of love. I have heard it in a lot of books and pretty much anything that mentions french. Is there a certain reason, Or is it just called that? (No matter what, I still I think that french is beautiful language)

May 8, 2020



I suspect it's partly because French was exotic enough, but familiar enough, to British and American audiences for it to be used in many books and then movies as a staple of romantic tales.

That's not to detract from the beautiful language itself, or the abundance of classic French literature with a love theme.


" l’amour courtois " is that item describing that era in French history where brave knights return home and woo their lord's spouses. Their love was written to be lofty,pure and spiritual. That picture made hundreds of French people yearn for something similar.


French, Spanish, Italian and similar languages the have male and female nouns are romance languages. Romance in that they have divided up their nouns as either male or female. How they determine what should be male or female is beyond my imagination, such as "le lait." Since when do men make milk? Lol!


Italian, Spanish, and a few others are also known as the love language. They are derived from Latin. The romance part has to due with that it's ROMANce culture. That's mainly where the romance part played in. We just so happen to associate it more with France.


I think because of how smooth the language is when spoken.


In around 800BC, the Italian city-state of Rome conquered their neighbouring city-state Latinum, and adopted their language of Latin. Then Rome continued to expand across the mediterranean.

Then the in around 400AD the Visigoths under King Aleric sacked Rome, basically cutting the administrative head off the Empire. At that point though the Latin language had already become the Lingua Franca of the Mediterranean.

The distinct cultural regions of modern day France, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Italy developed their own cultures within their own regional spheres of influence. All of their distinct languages are said to be "Romantic" as in, "Having come from Rome".

The meaning of the word "Romantic" evolved into it's contemporary meaning in 1400s French literature, and that's why they are called the language of love.

If memory serves.


it is so graceful - it was also the language of the diplomacy


with one "r"


Yeah countries like france and paris are quite romantic I'd say


I'd say the same.


i think French is considered the language of love, because of its 'soft sounds', unlike Italian which is very pronounced - thus why, that is the language for operas.


I wish I could go to Paris one day


Advertising -- France, and Paris in particular, are favorite tourist locations for vacationers around the world.


I think it's because people think that French is an attractive language..
Or because when someone speaks it they seem more attractive?


Maybe they think of Paris, and Paris is probably really romantic.


Maybe, there could be lots of reasons.


Not a direct answer to your question, but it does contradict the rule as I use my French for insults or just funny catchphrases and expressions I use!

Some common insults my family and I use are "Qu'elle est bête" or "Petit pet de poulet"!

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