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"Fred, you already told me that fifteen times!"

Translation:Fred, tu m'as déjà raconté ça quinze fois !

May 8, 2020



Why not tu m'as dit


tu m'as déjà dit should be fine, as long it has has *déjà * in that position.


Shouldn't the English be "you have already..."? Or perhaps couldn't the English be that?

I've a feeling this is down to national choices, as it were. Please note I genuinely don't care one way or the other regarding which side of whatever ocean it's said that way, and I don't care if it's not "my" way which gets written up, I just believe that a) all exercise answers in French or English should be correct wherever we are, just good grammatical speech and b) being a little more focused, each allowed answer should be the general, nationally-accepted phraseology (irrespective of which nation. I'm talking the sort taught at school) of every Anglophone country. Local dialects shouldn't be included because of the potential to break the database!

Purely being specific to this exercise, "tu m'as dit" is/can be "you have told me". I had the English to French translation, so haven't had the opportunity to test whether "have" is accepted or not, but if someone could confirm my translation or explain why I'm wrong, I'm sure I won't be the only one who is grateful!


US influenced = "you already told me"

UK influenced = "you've / you have already told me"


Why is it <<ça> and not <> for "that"?


I believe something is missing from your comment.


Why isYOU always wrong I still don't know when to use "tu" instead. A reply would be nice.


Can we also say:

"Fred tu me l'as déjà raconté quinze fois" ?


HelenBeck: 'tu' is used when speaking to children or in an informal sense, so I suppose in this case the speaker knows the person well enough to call him Fred. So 'tu' rather than vous, which is used in more formal dialogue. When I visit France, the 'tu' form is never used to me as I don't speak to kids (!) and people in hotels and restaurants don't know me. so, it's always vous (formal).

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