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  5. "La creación"

"La creación"

Translation:The creation

July 25, 2014



Do they really not pronounce the "e" in creacion (can't type accents.)? I hear cracion. I thought it would sound crey-a-ci-on.


I can hear the "e", though this voice is pronouncing it briefly.


"Creación" has three syllables really. Cre-a-ción. The "ió" diphthong is not separated into two syllables. (It would be if the accent mark were on the "i", as in "río".) If you listen to the sentence at the top a few times, you should be able to hear the "e", although it's natural for the two vowels side by side to blend together.


Mistake! The instructions clearly state, "Write this in Spanish"

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