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I am looking for a very comprehensive french dictionary...

This is what I am looking for specifically:

Common words, sentences and phrases list alphabetically...;

In English, in French, spelled phonetically in French, within a contextual sentence, with a visual example, pronounced audibly (separate source) and with additional explanations (regarding usage, grammatical rules etc.) ,

It makes sense to me for these to be together in one source, but am struggling find a book of sorts that is this comprehensive. Obviously this wouldn't be the only source to use but It would be nice to have something to alleviate a load of online cross referencing.

The Collin's phrasebook and dictionary seems useful and am likely to get, but doesn't cover all of the above.

Any ideas?

May 8, 2020



I use online dictionaries, mostly WordReference. I keep it open on a browser tab and I can look up a word in a few seconds.



Google can offer many

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