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Indian Languages coming any soon?

Hello all,

This is Balaji, from Chennai. Duolingo is, without a doubt a great initiative and a robustly growing platform built by crowd sourcing. In my honest opinion, I think its the next big thing ever happened after Wikipedia & Google Map Maker. I am very happy that Hindi is added to the course list.

What I wish is to see more and more Indian languages to come in Duolingo (They are 18 Official Languages in India). I speak Tamil and I really love to see it in Duolingo. Unfortunately Duolingo wants to "Ramp up slowly" and even though I registered for Course creation, apart from the confirmation E-Mail nothing showed up till date. What I would like from Duo is, they can create course pages for different language combinations and they can list out the number of applicants, who volunteered for course development. Once the number reaches a specified threshold count, it may allow contributors to actively develop the course in Incubator.

The other point I would like to mention is Duo first wants to build courses for English for the Speakers of XYZ Language. The reverse is also have to be soon as possible. I understand the complexity of Indic fonts and character sets, yet I hope technicians @ Duolingo have a solution anyway.

I don't know how Duo is planned to handle this, but this is just my opinion. I really love my Tamil and would love to help other people who wants to learn it and vice-versa.

July 25, 2014


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