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  5. "Tha mi cho òg."

"Tha mi cho òg."

Translation:I am so young.

May 8, 2020



Can you use "glè" with "òg", or only "cho"?


Yes you can certainly use glè here, meaning 'very'.


Would it change it to "òhg"?


No. Words that cause lenition never add an h to words that begin with vowels.

You will sometimes see other words - ones that do not cause lenition - adding h- to the beginning of a word, as in Na h-Òganaich.

As it can be confusing, it may be useful to remember that words that cause lenition never add h after a vowel, or add h-, t- or n- before a vowel. As far as I can think, the only thing that ever happens is that one or two specific ones add dh'

Chaidh mi a Shasainn 'I went to England'
Chaidh mi a dh'Alba 'I went to Scotland'.


Tha mi cho òg. I guess this one was the response to the earlier "chan eil thu òg"

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