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"Je voudrais acheter un manteau de cette marque."

Translation:I would like to buy this brand of coat.

May 9, 2020



marque was translated as "kind" in one exercise but is now marked wrong and the word is "brand". This lack of consistency is disheartening


please give us the sentence where it was used as you suggest.


The English sentence means something different than the french one. French: I want to buy a coat of this brand. The suggested translation: I want to buy the brand.

Just bad translation. No one would say that.


no it's not. the important thing is the brand. the buyer is buying a coat but wants it to be from this company. the suggested translation is 'THIS brand of coat'. yes the buyer wants the brand. just like some people only ever buy volvos, maybe a sedan, maybe a coupe but always volvos.


A "brand" can also be referred to as a "make", but not by Duo


This "make "means the same as "brand" therefore should be accepted


You need to use the in-lesson report button to suggest alternative translations.


US midwest. make of vehicle, not clothing.


Is this English, or a translation to English, considering the "un manteau" in the French sentence? (a/one coat)?

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