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"I don't care!"

Translation:Je m'en fiche !

May 9, 2020



what is the literal translation of this sentence? I'm having trouble understanding how it means "I don't care"


Se ficher means to not care (French has no word for "to care"). "En" means about it. Je m'en fiche = I don't care about it.


I once encountered a phrase something like Je m'en cassé (I even forgot if there should even be an accent on cassé). Whatever that phrase is, I thought that means "I don't care", so instead of putting fiche as the last word, I selected cassée. Now I know it does not mean that, but what does je m'en cassé(e) mean now? Seriously. I have forgotten it!


It doesn't mean anything. You might have gotten 2 expressions mixed up : Je m'en bats les steaks(/or a bunch of other bad words) and Je me casse. The former means to not care, the latter means to leave, to get out (both very colloquial).


"Je m'en fou" surely is OK?


Nope. It was once okay, but now means "I don't give a f**k"!!


I reported this: I wrote "Je m'en fous" (and I even looked up the conjugation afterwards, it is correct) and it should have been accepted.


It's a matter of register. You wouldn't ever use "je m'en fous" in French in situations where you use "I don't care" in English.

"Je m'en fous" is rude. It is closer to "I don't give a damn/shit".


I tried the more "explicit" translation of this, got rejected


"I don't give a damn"?


No, Je m'en fous


I'm wondering about the level of rudeness implicit in the phrase "je m'en fiche." If your spouse asked you whether you would like tea or coffee, and if you wished to reply by saying "I don't care" (that is, "I don't care one way or the other; either option is acceptable to me"), would you say "je m'en fiche"? If not, what would be the polite way to express your reply in French?


In a situation like this (i.e. "either way is fine"), we'd rather say "peu m'importe", or if you want to be very formal : "peu me chaut." ;)


Thank you, ZarrouguiL. Just to follow up, though ... would "ça m'est égal" be another way to respond politely?

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