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Where has all the difficult grammar gone i.e. work on the subjunctive..all a bit dumbed down

May 9, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Just moved around - now aligned to CEFR principles of skills, rather than grammar. All the grammar is still in there in the lessons - including the subjunctive - but unhelpfully, not labelled in the skill names and not well explained in the TIPS.


    That happened with the update to Tree12. It's when the skills titles changed from being associated with grammar to having names like "let's go" and "dream trip".

    You will find a few sentences in "Medical" (old ones from Tree3), but many sentences are missing. I think that the "Science" skill has a few as well. They aren't labeled by grammar point so you just encounter them by chance, and most subjunctive sentences from Tree3 are gone. Here are a few that still exist in the the Medical skill set:

    J'aime que mon père fasse des gâteaux.

    Il semble qu'elle ne puisse venir.

    Que je puisse voir ce film est important.


    At least tree12 (156 skills) still had a few dedicated Subjunctive skills which later tree13/14 removed more and more and (fully/partly) spread this content to other theme-oriented CEFR skills.

    Fierycat's vocabulary list only shows tree13 (142 skills) and the latest tree14 (158 skills):



    True, it was tree13 when they mostly disappeared.

    Excellent list from FieryCat. I use it from time to time to locate skills (which can be identified by the verb endings usually.)

    Spanish from French and French from Spanish both still have dedicated subjunctive past and subjunctive present exercises, appropriately named and easy to find. Very useful, but you need to be able to read both of those languages to make use of it.

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