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Good morning, everyone, I've been learning Latin for a while now and I feel like I'm not holding anything back. Besides, I'm French, so English isn't very easy for me either. And I have the same problem in Greek... Can you give me some advice ? Thank you in advance

May 9, 2020



Just guesses, but: Breandon's suggestion sounds good, as writing things down by hand helps you remember information better. Keep a notebook. You might try writing out the Latin sentences, translating them into French, and then translating the French back to Latin later on. (The goal is not to translate in your head, but at first it can be very helpful, and it's almost unavoidable, anyway.)

There are plenty of websites about Latin in French. Would reading some of those, or using them as references, help you? Here are a few:

There are many more such sites.

There are a few French sites with online, fill-in-the-blank (i.e., cloze) exercises. If you can't locate any, ask and I can probably hunt some up.

Anyway, there are plenty of resources available online in French. You can probably find material that will help you while using Duolingo's course. Good luck!


Have you tried writing things down? I retain information much better when I've written it down--even if it's just copying the translation or new words from a lesson.


Thank you very much for all your advice. Have a nice day!


You want to study two foreign languages: Latin and Greek. 1. One of those has, in addition to being a foreign language, a different alphabet. 2. I assume that both have English and not your mother tongue French as the source language. 3. There is the problem of interference. This means you learn different alphabets, grammars and words at the same time which confuses your brain.

My advice is to focus on Latin first and start studying Greek later, let's say in half a year or year. However, if you have to study both languages now, you need to be patient.

By the way, I had to cope with the same problem. I wanted to study Russian and French. I am studying French now with priority and will take the Russian Course some time in the future.


Yes, English is not my mother tongue and I am obliged to use a translator. But I speak better Greek than Latin. The alphabet is not a problem for me. But I'm not going to do Latin anymore, and then when I finish the tree, I'll concentrate more on Greek. Thank you for your advice.


Hello, I also study Latin. It is difficult but with your mother tongue, French, you get closer. I speak Spanish and I also have to use English to learn it. You can get yourself some secondary level text. This program is used to review and listen to how to pronounce it.


The book "The Roman Family"

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