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"This customer just wants a coffee without sugar."

Translation:Cette cliente veut juste un café sans sucre.

May 9, 2020



Why is ce client wrong


It is not wrong if the rest of your translation is correct, which we cannot tell from the forum. Next time, please copy and paste your answer and we'll tell you what went wrong.


Why does 'This customer...' have to be translated in the feminine gender ie ' cette cliente'. What is wrong with 'ce client'? Ce client veut juste un cafe sans sucre.


Today I used "ce client" which was accepted with "cette cliente" as an alternative. You have to check the rest of your reply as i know it's easy to make a slip up elsewhere eg sometimes a spelling error


Duo also accepts ...ne veut qu'un café... Is 'juste' more informal or are they equally good?


"Juste" (an "anglicism"?) has increasingly invaded spoken French.

The more "classical" versions are:

  • ... veut seulement un café sans sucre
  • ... ne veut qu'un café sans sucre


Oh la la ! ... I guess it could be the same difference as between : he just wants a coffee and he only wants a coffee ! I mean the difference is slight but still exists ... though maybe someone could be more accurate in the explanation !


Ce client veut juste un café sans sucre. Marked wrong???


How can you tell that the client if a female?


In real life, you may tell.


The English prompt is genderless, no way of knowing they wanted the feminine translation.


You don't need to know since DL has provided masculine and feminine versions on the list of accepted answers.

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