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The vocabulary could much more useful

If the vocabulary could be sorted by mastery level and if we had a simple graph that shows the distribution of words across the three levels of master that would be very useful.

It would be a great incentive to work on a weaker words and see how the distribution improves.

August 11, 2012



A graph showing the distribution is in the works!

Sorting words by strength is tough, because a word can have multiple forms with varying strength.

We could average the strength of all forms and apply that to the word. Would that help you guys?


Yes indeed. And perhaps there could be a way to add words that you come across in translations?


It would be easier to learn vocabulary if phrases were more meaningful. "Le journal est bon" has a non content. Change it into "Le journal porte les nouvelles" and it kills even two birds with one stone, making clear both journal and nouvelles.


Agree. So you could practice the extra words of your choice. At least words that are part of the fundamental vocabulary, say part of a set of most used 5000 words. They could be easily used by the robot to build a variety of simple sentences using the structure from the main practice test.


@naut This might be way too complicated, but could you guys find a way to only separate forms of words that are irregular? It seems weird to have a whole practice session devoted to, say, "parlons."


@naut yes, that would be very helpful. I think it would also helpful to have a general average for all words as a mastery score. From a learner perspective any tool that assist in improving what you have is valuable. If I could select a group of "weak" words (averages are OK) and then practice on them, it would be great. This is because if I am weak for say 200 words and I want to practice it is difficult to see the impact (the general score would help, but that is a longer term motivator - still important though. Thanks!

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