"La piazza è piena di gente."

Translation:The square is full of people.

May 8, 2013



Piazza is commonly used in English - especially when talking about italian squares - but Duo does not accept it. On the other hand it does accept Plaza - the Spanish word - which is also used in English but is just as "foreign" as piazza.

April 24, 2016


It did not accept "the plaza is full of people" now. Weird.

October 27, 2017


Same for me. Both plaza and piazza should be accepted. Especially as their own exercises show the translation of piazza as plaza.

Both should be accepted.

Edited: still not accepted February 2018

December 25, 2017


same for me, I reported.

January 21, 2018


Still not accepting plaza. Reported again Feb 2018.

February 21, 2018


I just now saw the same thing.

December 1, 2017


"The plaza is full of people" NOT accepted 27 Jan 2018. Reported.

January 27, 2018


It can be used, but is not English. This is not a Spanish course... (Plaza = Lugar ancho y espacioso en el interior de una población al que generalmente afluyen varias calles)

February 21, 2018


We've taken it as a loan word in English. A good portion of our language is loan words. Plaza is very commonly used, especially in the Southwest USA.

May 26, 2018


...but there are loans and loans. Some are necessary (the 70% of English, I read, comes from Latin through the French invasion) others are "optional" or peculiar of a certain limited area and DL can not offer all the possible translations

May 27, 2018


... they could try?

May 27, 2018


American, Midwest. I have only ever heard 'piazza' used here when naming an Italian site. that suggests that it isn't acceptable as an English (US) translation, not that it is acceptable. on the other hand, plaza is used in many place names, movies, literature and everyday speech, it should be accepted.

December 9, 2017


absolutely correct

December 12, 2017


It did not accept "plaza" for me today (3/20/2018), although I do think it is a closer translation than "square."

March 20, 2018


Why is plaza not accepted? It's a common English word, even if it did originally come from Spanish.

August 31, 2017


What do you think about this sentence? Thank you.

  • "The plaza is crowded."
May 8, 2013


"full of people" and "crowded" are pretty much the same thing.

I think in Italian "piena di gente" and "affollata" are probably also very close in meaning.

So what about translating "full of people" as "piena di gente" and "crowded" as "affolata"?

Why would you want to cross-translate and lose some of the wonderful finegrained shades of meaning language can show?

October 24, 2013


Thank you very much for your answer!

It makes perfect sense!

Sorry I've just seen your answer 1 year later!
April 25, 2015


..."affoll ata" has two "ls" (from "folla" = crowd)

November 30, 2017


Probably not, because "crowded" is not necessarily the same as "full of people." My basement is crowded, but only because I have too much stuff in it.

July 8, 2013


1: "square" rather than "plaza", 2 "crowded" = "affollata"

May 8, 2013


I saw "plaza" accepted many times on Duolingo that's why it surprised me. But with two not exact words in my sentence I understand why it is not accepted as a correct answer. Thank you.

May 8, 2013


they recommend "place" or "square" as translation but when you write place it is wrong. is "place" even a good translation for piazza?

April 5, 2016


In the Spanish course, "Plaza" is accepted for "la plaza" which are of course the English/Spanish translations of la piazza - as well as "square" (as in "town-square").

Someone at Duo has a hair out of place, it seems.

January 27, 2018


I said "the place is full of people" Why is that wrong?

April 17, 2016


Place is posto not piazza

December 25, 2017


Duo has apparently switched the correct answer because NOW it's saying that my translation of "piazza" to "plaza" is incorrect. "Plaza" is the English word for this type of urban space--we ONLY use "piazza" when talking about an Italian plaza.

September 1, 2017


It did not accept plaza for piazza.

October 9, 2017


The place is full of people is correct! !!

April 25, 2016


No. Place is posto

December 25, 2017


Place???? Not accepted ..

Why not??

September 6, 2016


I answered "The plaza is full of people." Plaza and piazza should be interchangeable

November 29, 2017


Exactly. Both are valid.

December 25, 2017


Now it won't accept plaza. Why not? That is the English borrowed word from Spanish for the same thing.

December 29, 2017


Did not accept "The plaza is full of people" :(

January 20, 2018


"The square is full of people" is accepted - which is in my opinion the best translation (better than "plaza" and much better than "piazza")

January 24, 2018


which is the difference between "full of..." and "plenty of..."

July 22, 2013


Full - there isn't any room for any more, plenty- many/enough

September 25, 2013


Now they changed the "right" translation: "filled with people" and "full" is WRONG. Dl, DL!!!

July 19, 2017


"The square is full of people" is perfectly correct. See usages here: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/full

July 19, 2017


Why is it 'di gente'? For grammar, I thought gente was treated as feminine, sigle. So wouldn't it be 'della gente'?

May 30, 2018


14.12.2018 "Plaza" accepted. This word is more common in the USA then square. I have never heard "piazza" in America.

December 14, 2018


"Square" is correct, "public square" is not? Come on now. Away and have a word with yourself.

April 10, 2019
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