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how to change time zone of your account?

I was pretty dissapointed when I sat down at 10pm to do some practice, and find out that my streak was broken because it deemed that as the following day. I created my profile while living in Australia, and now that I live in Thailand it seems that the profile is still set to east coast australia time. How do i change that?

It was quite anoying to lose my streak because of such a small glitch, and i would appreciate any help!

July 25, 2014



I found that when you change your timezone on your computer and restart your browser AFTER you do this (it's important to restart the browser, or duolingo doesn't recognise that the timezone has changed), then duolingo uses the system's timezone. Not sure if this works on other devices for all other users, but worked for me using Chrome when I went to Denmark from the UK in June.


AFAIK it cannot be changed. It is not a glitch but (I think) a design feature to prevent unscrupulous people from manipulating time zones to get round restrictions on streaks You could create a new account but you would then loose your current level etc. otherwise you could set an alarm on your phone warning you of the impending date change in Australia.

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