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  5. "The horses are not the best."

"The horses are not the best."

Translation:I cavalli non sono i migliori.

May 8, 2013



Why may I not use "i buoni" when it was a suggestion for the word 'best'? Is it the wrong context?


I agree. Very irritating that the hint/suggestion is marked incorrect! Not sure what it's for in that case - as a distraction??


hey, duo, leave the horses be, all right? they've had a rough month, what with the break up and difficulty paying rent. I think you can cut them some slack if they're not performing top-notch right now


Should "le megliori" be accepted?


No. "Cavalli" is plural masculine. "Le" is either plural feminine or androgynous singular. In either case it's not the right article for this.

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