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I don't get a notice for replies in the threads I follow anymore

I follow a lot of discussions, and up until yesterday I got a mail for every post in a thread that I follow. The last mail I got was yesterday 0:58 am MEZ. I have seen that there are answeres in threads that I follow, I have checked that I still follow them, I have checked that my mailing account is working, but I still don't get any notice mail from duolingo.

Since I am answering to a lot of threads, the five notices I get here on the site don't suffice. I rely on the notices in my mail inbox to find the questions, so now a lot of questions go unnoticed by me.

Can you please check why I don't get notice mails anymore and fix that issue?


<pre>saka </pre>
July 25, 2014



I've been having the same problem! It's so hard to keep track of new replies to threads I'm following without the email notifications!

EDIT: Similar problems have been posted in this thread and one I posted.


Have you checked your spam folder?


I actually always receive them in my spam folder. I go through them, click the links to the discussions I want to answer, and then they automatically get deleted after some time.
But I wouldn't have missed it if 35+ mails per day would have landed in another folder, either. They just don't show up.


Have you found a solution in the meantime? It seems like everywhere that I've seen this problem posted, someone suggests checking the spam folder and then nothing else.


Duo did nothing to solve this problem, unfortunately. But I changed the e-mail adress in my settings yesterday, and now the mails are coming in again.


Hm, I just changed my email address and it worked too! What a strange bug this seems to be.


Well, I just hope I don't have to create a new e-mail adress every other month now.


Oh, I didn't even think about that! Hopefully this issue will be fixed properly before we have to worry about doing that.

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