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What is the meaning of this word?

What is the correct meaning of "ça roule". Because i came to know two different meanings first is "ok" and second is "How's it going". So which one is correct.

So I'm bit confused.

May 9, 2020



Both of your translations are correct. The context will suggest which meaning is intended.

"ça roule" literally means 'that rolls', used in conversation in to mean "That works for me / is OK / sounds good."

It can also be used to mean 'How's it going?'.


Thanks a lot for clearing my doubt.


There are often different ways to interpret words or phrases. In any language. Context is important.


Both are correct - intonation makes the difference.

A: Ca roule ? (rising intonation) = How's it going?

B: Ca roule (flat intonation) = Fine

Ca roule ma poule ?

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