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  5. "The sheep eats something."

"The sheep eats something."

Translation:Het schaap eet iets.

July 25, 2014



Because "schaap" is a "het"-noun, not a "de"-noun. There is no deeper rule here; you just have to know which nouns use which article.

But in case you know German, "het" goes with cognates of German neuter nouns ("das Schaaf" in this case), while "de" goes with cognates of German masculine and feminine nouns. (There are some other, more obscure languages that you could use in place of German here.) Also, if a noun has a suffix, then the suffix is all that matters. Finally, most nouns use "de", especially those for people (but not all of them). Those are all of the rules that I know!


It would be "This" sheep eats something.


Waarom wordt "Het schaap VREET iets" niet geaccepteerd? MENSEN ETEN, DIEREN VRETEN toch!


is schapen the plural form ?


Is it also possible to say: Het schaap eet wat.?


Waarom is "De schapen eten iets." verkeerd?

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