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  5. "Zij zijn in Nederland."

"Zij zijn in Nederland."

Translation:They are in the Netherlands.

July 25, 2014



I just found out that "Holland" is not the same thing as "the Netherlands" - whoops! :O


I've seen it (I think I found it after I posted that comment) - but I love it, so thanks for the reminder! have a lingot, I enjoyed this one too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O37yJBFRrfg :D


To add to the confusion, the Early Netherlandish painters came from Flanders, in modern day Belgium.


Dont think Homer Simpson likes that city XD


YESSS! "Howdy-ho neighborino!" "Pshh stupid Flanders."


Flanders is not a city ;-) It's one of the 4 regions of Belgium... one is dutch speaking (Flanders), one is french speaking (Wallonia), one is Brussels and its surroundings where we are supposed to be able to speak both languages (in theory) and the last one is german speaking. But I guess this doesn't change anything for Homer :-D


I did not know that


holland is a region in the netherlands consists of two provinces.


I think emphasazing this as a mistake is artificial. The name "Holland" is commonly used and in some countries used interchangeably. It's just like we say USA instead United States, Great Britain insted United Kingdom etc. Switzerland is also a name of an idividual region but we don't say Confederation of Helvetia...


You've convinced me. I've always said the Netherlands but I don't see a problem with a common nickname being accepted as correct on Duolingo.


I've never heard of the Confederation of Helvetia!!! I always thought it was just Switzerland?


No one says that xD That comes from Latin: Confoederatio Helvetica, therefore the abbreviation is CH (sorry if you already know that xD).


Thanks so much! I never knew why it was CH, thought it had to do with French or something :P That also explains why the Irish word for Switzerland is "An EilbhÊis", thought it had something to do with Elvis lol


They are in Netherlands. ( without the "the" ) is not correct?


The Netherlands is the whole name of the country. The article the is part of the name.


Why is 'staat' not acceptable here?


I don't know if "staat" can always replace "is", but I think that "staat" is the third person singular form and "zijn" is the third person plural form. I am pretty sure that you can replace "staat" with "is", but "staat" implies that someone is "standing" and we don't know if they are sleeping, or sitting or standing. If we did know that they are up, than "Zij staan in Nederland." would be the way to say it.


She is ?????


So it was partially out of impishness that I put Holland, knowing the history and usually referring to the country as the Netherlands. But English English always used to call the country Holland, and some people still do, even my dutch friend when speaking English.


Potential civil war could happen over whether "Holland" should be allowed!Would a native of the country of the Netherlands (not from the Holland region) say that they live in Holland or the Netherlands?


Usually, the Netherlands.

Other than that this is a Dutch course and for that reason the decision was made to only allow the Netherlands to make clear that Holland technically is only a part of the country. Think of it as similar to saying to someone from Scotland or Wales that they live in England.


Thanks! I can understand that a Scottish or Welsh person would never say they live in England, although they might say they live in the UK or Britain!


Hopefully this Duolingo course helps them.


But I said Holland, it should be correct-right?


Even though in English English Holland and The Netherlands are synonymous you will get a barrage of people pointing out that Holland is just a part of The Netherlands as a whole. Which is quite correct. It is also true that in the UK if a person says Holland they mean The Netherlands. Yes I tried the system by putting Holland once, just to see what happened. I discovered!


Why this article the????


The Netherlands is the whole name of the country. The article the is part of the name.


Most countries whose names are in Plural in English will always use the article. The Federated States of Micronesia, the United States of America, the Netherlands.


The Netherlands comes from "Verenigd koninkrijk der Nederlanden" (United Kingdom of the Netherlands) which is how The Netherlands were called a few centuries ago.

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