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I like the duolingo method

I would like to see if there is a method or order of things to teach the duolingo way. I am teaching a Wilderness First Aid and Survival Course and now have to take it on line. I love the duo lingo method and was wondering if there is a logical progression in the lessons that I could modify and use to teach this class. I find the way it is structure fun to work with and so I want to bring that kind of fun to my class. Thanks Dan Turner

May 9, 2020



Dan, are you talking about "gamification?" Or what specifically in the "Duo Way" are you enjoying?

I will tell you one of the things that has saved me right now as a teacher: I chose Tinycards as my tech goal at the beginning of the year, and I am so happy I did. (https://tinycards.duolingo.com/) They allow me to drill down on certain skills or vocabulary in a very targeted way. So now with the pandemic, it is easy for me to choose one of the hundred decks that I slaved over earlier in the year. I am even giving decks to my colleagues, so they are helping a lot of people.

You could very easily make First Aid and Survival decks. I suggest you put pictures in one one side. The other things you have to be aware of is that

  1. Cards may not appear in the order that you inputted them

  2. Don't have complicated sentences that your students can't remember. They'll have to type the sentences in verbatim, so ... I dunno, if you say "Don't drink sea water" and your students type in "Don't drink ocean water," they'll get the question wrong.

Hope this helps you!


Anyone reading this who wants to peruse my Japanese, Spanish, or French decks, I think you can find them by searching "MadameSensei." Or ask me here.

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