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bahasa melayu

who want learning malay languages??

May 8, 2013



I tried to learn it once so I'd be happy to start up again. It would work well on Duolingo.


I want to contribute!


Me too! I would also like to contribute if I can as malay is my native language :)

This is irrelevant but I think I'll try to start a discussion on how many people would like to take the course if malay language course if available on duolingo (given that no one has start similar discussion other than this one). I hope that's fine.


I would love to learn Malay. Tell me where to go to upvote/support endeavors on this front. :)


Thank you for your support! It's rare to see foreigners to be interested in malay language. And sure, I'll link them to you :D

If you have any question, you can ask me :)


Can you link them to me as well? I would like to learn Malay. thanks


Yes, please. Is there at least a slight chance to take this language couse soon?


Why are you asking?


I want to!. Please start a course.


Why would anyone downvote this?


Hey Ferrydust, I did a little search on Duolingo, and it seems like there are quite a few people who would be interested in an English-Malay course! :) I recently submitted an application to help build the course, let's see what happens.


I'm not sure but I think it's either not specific enough or too casual as he only ask who want to learn malay instead of asking who would like to do a malay language course in duolingo. Something along that line. But I'm not saying that it's limited to talking about courses in duolingo only, this just an example. Also, there's a possibility that they downvote because they find malay language not interesting (which I hope not).


Of course yea bro!


Yes please!!! Bahasa Melayu for English speakers.

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