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When to use “subject+object+auxiliary+participle verb” and when to use “subj+aux+obj+verb”?

I know that it is proper to say « Je les ai aidé » and « Il vous a frappé ».

But do you ever invert object and helper verb to to something like « Il a vous (verb) » or « J’ai les (verb) » ?

May 10, 2020



Not the object. Or at least I can't think of any examples. Adverbs can go there: Je n'ai pas étudié. The subject can sometimes go there in the interrogative mood:

La fille est-elle entrée dans la classe?

Le chien a-t-il mangé l'os?

But the object pronoun goes before the auxiliary verb: Je leur ai parlé.

The adverbial pronoun always goes there too: J'y suis allé.

But I'm learning. If a more advanced French speaker tells you otherwise, then you can ignore my advice. :)


I have a degree in french. As far as I can see, this looks right. I'll review further tomorrow, for it is late.

Edit; Yep, all good.

  • Je peux/veux les aider

(I know that vouloir or pouvoir are not really auxiliary verbs)

And les pronoms adverbiaux (en & y) are even closer to a verb than other pronouns:

  • je lui en ai donné
  • je t'en ai donné


Only the third person is inverted - but don't forget that the plural is too.

Je le lui ai donné (& je le leur ai donné) vs Je te l'ai donné

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