"Deagh àite."

Translation:A good place.

May 10, 2020



I'm guessing then that càite where diachronically comes from cò àite which place?

If so it's an interesting parallel with Welsh, where the word ble where comes from pa le which place.


Yes. :)

(well, the question word might not had been exactly at the time when it merged with àite to form càite, but yes, càite a bheil… where is… comes from a phrase literally meaning what is (the) place in which is…; eDIL mentions cáit as where, what place from cía + áitt already for Old Irish).

Compare also Irish , cén áit? and cá háit?.


Is there a difference between "place" and "location", which is the translation given by Google? Would that be a wrong answer? Just curious, as I remembered the Duolingo translation so didn't actually test it in the translation.

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