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"Tha thu deiseil, is math sin."

Translation:You are finished, that is good.

May 10, 2020



I hear "Tha e deiseil" here, not "Tha thu deiseil"


I am hearing "the i deiseil, not tha thu ... "


why is "You have finished" incorrect?


Because tha thu deiseil doesn’t mean you have finished.

deiseil is an adjective meaning finished, prepared, ready (maybe you are ready could be a bit clearer translation here?).

For you have finished you’d need a past tense verb, eg. chrìochnaich thu you finished; you have finished. You could also say tha thu air crìochnachadh you have finished (lit. you are after finishing, using a perfective construction with the preposition air, here meaning after, and the verbal noun).

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