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"What a pleasure to be with one's dear friends!"

Translation:Quel plaisir d'être avec ses chers amis !

May 10, 2020



quel plaisir d'être avec les chers amis?

since it doesn't say whose friends, I guessed it would be more generalized like it is with "on y va, les gens" or "tu as trouvé le bon address"

but I have no idea


General, impersonal statements like this one do have their possessives: "son, sa, ses", in the 3rd person singular, just like "one" has "one's".

Now, since we don't know who will experience that pleasure, you can use other possessives:

If you think "we", you can use "nos" and if you think "you", you can use "tes/vos".


I guess that it is not literal enough for Duo, but I think that "Quel plaisir d'être parmi ses chers amis !" should be allowed. Reported.


I put nos amis, but it was not allowed.


Does it make any difference if I used cheres amies?


It should be allowed (preferably with accent), although it is not terribly likely that anybody would have no male friends (present).


I wrote: Quel plaisir d'être avec ses amis chers ! marked incorrect, I guess because of the position of "cher" . Chere Sitesurf, are you able to comment on this, please?


"Cher, chère, chers, chères" is not listed in the BANGS but it might. Only by exception will you find it after the noun or name it modifies or when it means "expensive", of course.

  • Ma chère Valérie... / Mes chers amis... / Cher Monsieur...
  • J'ai une amie très chère au Texas.
  • J'ai acheté une voiture chère.


Comme d'habitude, merci beaucoup, Sitesurf.

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