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Help please!

Earlier I looked on Safari and there were new French stories in level 4, now they’ve disappeared..

May 10, 2020



Clear your browser cache, and make sure you’re logged in to the same account.


Thanks, I tried “rebooting” the iPad by pressing the button to power off but it’s the same. Is there anything else I should do? I’ve also got additional lessons when I open the app on my iPhone, ones on past and future tenses, how many versions are there?


Heh, that’s a good question. I’m just a user, but I’ve read in the forums that there are probably 3 or 4, or more, French trees active for different users right now.

I recently got those lessons on the web, not sure about my iPhone. Do the new stories appear in the app? Do you ever use the Stories in the app? I do, but I had not got the new ones last time I looked.

If you can’t get them to show up, you may consider posting in the Troubleshooting forum, or submitting a bug report at support.duolingo.com


Thanks again, I’ve looked again and I think that what has happened is that the new stories have changed from the multi-coloured icons that you see before reading / listening to them to the gold ones after you have. Even though I’ve not yet been through them. Problem solved, thanks all, much appreciated. “The Dog”

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