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Can someone give me advice? Thank you :)

I have no idea if I should repeat the lessons until I get five crowns on a skill or should I just get one crown for each skill? Advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

May 10, 2020



I use the rainbow method. So first do a bunch on level one. Then do the first half of that to level two. Then continue learning new stuff and keep on gping back to the earlier stuff. Dont go for level 1 of every lesson first because you won't remember.


There is a good reason why DL recommends https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/ Although taking a skill to level 5 in one hit might feel good it gives you the illusion of competence. The sentences are in short term memory but there is no guarantee they are in long term memory. Worse you have not processed them long enough to see the patterns yourself.

One level a skill (without returning within a week or so), if anything is worse, all you get is baby stuff with recognition.


Thank you so much!!


Personally, I get five crowns in each lesson I've started, 'cause you won't have any hesitations about what you've learnt. You will probably don't forget anything, if you do so. Moreover, you can get at least 3 crowns and move to another, then come back to make it 5 after some time. Good luck! :)


5 crowns (Ik this is yellow)


Move at your own pace, try various different strategies and see what works best for you


Excellent advice. Some people race to get the Golden Owl Trophy by only completing level one. They are cheating themselves by not progressing through the lesson. Levels three through five involve more listening skills and translation. Do not miss out on these ! Why are we here; certainly to speak and understand the language. At least for me this is true.


Mastery > Shiny Owl


Bonjour, Alex. You can opt out of doing every single lesson in every level by clicking on the 'key' challenge. If you think that you are good enough to take the challenge, you can get 20 points if you make it through with less than four (4) errors.
It really depends on your skill. If i make errors or find a lesson challenging, I do all the lessons until I master them. If you skip the higher number in each lesson you miss out on the 'listening' part of the lesson - which is super important.
The early parts of each lesson are the most basic. Take your time and master the lesson. However if you think you are ready, don't be afraid to 'level up'. I hope that this helps.


Thank you! I mostly use the key when completing skills I already have 2 or more crowns on.


I useally dont quit tell i get everything..Just try your best.


I personally get 5 crowns on all my skills. I know this is NOT the recommended way by Duolingo, but I do it anyway! It's really up to you.

For me, when I learn to crown one, I forget more easily. It's harder for me to retain that information. So I go to crown 5, getting me really familiar with the new words. It makes it easier for me to remember the words if I've practiced them a lot.

You can do what you want though. :)

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