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Test out your French with the CEFR (recreational test)

The grading scale for this test is

Beginner (0-10) A1.1 ; Elementary (15-30) A1; Intermediate (30-40) A2; Upper Intermediate (045-60) B1; Advanced (60-80) B2; Proficient (80-100) C1

Here is the link to the short test, it's only maybe 20 questions so take it with a grain of salt.

Link English: http://www.france-langue.com/online-french-test.html Exact same in French: http://www.france-langue.fr/test-de-francais.html

Try to see the French link first, read it to the best you can and then click English to see if your reading was correct.

Once you finish your test and see your score if you want an explanation of what your score means I've added the link in English and French again.

Score Explanation (Eng) http://www.france-langue.com/french-pedagogy/french-levels.html

Score Explanation (Fr) http://www.france-langue.fr/pedagogie-du-francais/niveaux-de-fran%C3%A7ais.html

Again try to read the score explanation in French first, then click the English to test out your reading skills to see how correct you were.

Don't know what CEFR is? Here's a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages

July 25, 2014



This is far too generous, but it's fun and makes me feel very good about myself ;) Thanks for the link NinjaPunch! Here, have a lingot :)


I got 90 . Too much heaven. I would not be here if I were between B2 and C1. Multiple choice tests rely on intuition not on communicative skill. Anyway the test was meant to pust you to start a course: Not fair.


95% but, as most of the people here have said, I feel like that's an overestimation. I understand grammar but I'm lacking vocabulary so I have trouble saying what I want to say. I'm not sure where I'd actually rank myself...maybe B1?


Thanks for the links. The page with the score explanation is not too helpful; where did you get the grading scale at the top of your post?

I scored 90%, so on your grading scale it looks like I would be a C1, but I'm a shaky B1 at best. As you said, you have to take it with a grain of salt.


I'm apparently going against the grain here - I got 45%, which I think is appropriate for me. :) Cheers for the link! I really REALLY need to learn some more grammar...


I like the test, but it's obviously quite flawed too. I scored an 80% but I feel like that is a gross overestimation of my French skills. I haven't really used the language in 4 years and I'd be lucky if I could conjugate more than 4 tenses currently. I do however UNDERSTAND French almost fluently and I think that is all this test really measures. Still, it was fun and certainly boosted my confidence.


I got an 85 which, like you said, needs to be taken lightly. That does make me feel better though since I seem to do poorly on other French tests online! I did a placement test for French in college late last year and I was placed in Intermediate 1 (B1), and I know my French has gotten better since then because I've been working on it daily, but I think I'm most likely towards B2 (C1's not too far away though!) :)


I don't know if you would know of a similar one for Italian, Would you ? If you do, I'd like to try that. :)

Thanks for the French CEFR.


Wow! Thanks xeno78! :) I'm almost a bit frightened to try it, but I'm going for it right now.

You get a Lingot


Haha, no problem :3

And thanks for the lingot :D


55% for me. Probably my reading/understanding level is between B1 and B2. But when it comes to the listening/ speaking part, it falls to A2. So, a much more fair level for me would be A2 (but with effort B1) :D

Au revoir!


95% !!! hahahaha
soooo not truly representative, but that has so made my day, thank you NinjaPunch! More lingots!


I got 45%, I am pretty happy with that, although I have to admit lots of it was way too complex for me. I often resorted to a process of elemination to decide upon my answer. Lots of words I did not know, complex reflexives and stuff.

I have been on Duo for ages though and I would have really been dissapointed if it was lower than 20%. My ego says 45% is right although deep down I know i probably wouldn''t have been able to answer any of the questions if it wasn't multiple choice and I had to type the answer.


I got a 95 on this test, but then I took the About.com advanced proficiency test (http://french.about.com/library/weekly/bl-proficiency3.htm) and scored 40/50--which earned me a rating of low advanced. The About.com test, I think, was far more accurate. I still have a lot of work to do.


Thank you for offering the proficiency test! However, as the website "french.about.com" has vanished, the proficiency test has already been moved to here (https://www.lawlessfrench.com/zigoto/au-revoir-about-com/). Open the website and click the button "TEST YOUR FRENCH NOW FOR FREE >>" to begin the test, which covers most grammars taught in Duo. After the test, you will be given a systematic analysis of your French level.

May that helps : D

(Note: March 6th, 2018)


HAHAHA there was a sentence that said Le français ... plus facile si le subjonctif n' ... pas. French would be easy if there wasn't the subjunctive. And I got a 60%. Not bad for someone that hasn't done anything with French except a little on duolingo for about two full months now.


I got a 35%, I was actually surprised... because I had never taken french in my life until these last few months. Thanks Duolingo!


thank you for this! I got 40% which i was very impressed with! I want to work up to the 45% mark :) I'll keep using this to back track and see how much I improve. Obviously its only to be taken as a grain of salt, but as a self-learner its a cool way to see how much progress I am making xx


I also got the same, and I'm pretty impressed with it.


Unless I'm missing something, they seem to have changed the site? You can still take the test, but it doesn't tell you what level (ie A1, B1, B2 etc) your score indicates...


I noticed this too. I scored a 45% but it didn't tell me which level (A1, A2,...) it correlates to.


75 %, but I think that I'am at level A2


I got 70% (and wish I could review my mistakes), which they say is B2. In reality, I'm in upper A2... and I know this because I've had a level assessment and attend classes at an Alliance Française. It's always easier with multiple choice... I'd have got none of the subjunctive ones without having them there to remind me, heh.


I scored 45%. Definitely need more practice.


The test is good despite the fact it is inconclusive.


Wow! 80% and I never did any French before I found Duolingo.


90%, so C1. I was in B2 when I actually studied in France so that's pretty close. This made me realize how much I need to brush up on some grammar.


i've got 80%, equivalent to B2, c'est très bien!


thanks for the link, I got 65% which is B2 but I would say I am really A2 maybe B1 at best.


I got 70% on this quiz and 90% on the about.com quiz linked to above and here: http://french.about.com/library/weekly/aa060300q.htm. Either score puts be at B2 but that is the nature of the multiple choice test. I have a large vocabulary and a good (though not great) understanding of French grammar. Unfortunately French sounds like gibberish to me half the time so had there been a audio component I would have been down around the A2 range and my spelling is awful so if I had to write anything that would not have been good either.


i think they deleted the proficiency test. :-( both links bring me to articles only.


As the website "french.about.com" has vanished, the proficiency test has already been moved to here (https://www.lawlessfrench.com/zigoto/au-revoir-about-com/).

Good luck!


hahaha, I got 85%, that corresponds to C1, but my "real" level may be A1-A2.


I got 55% which apparently places me in B1. I think it's too high of a level...I am able to understand some radio and podcasts to an extent, and can speak beginner French, but I become lost quickly in the verb conjugations. I think it will require extensive verb and grammar study to improve to the actual level of B1!


90%, woo-hoo! There is not a chance of course that I'm actually a C1 in any area other than possibly reading and even there I'm probably more like B2. More like A1/A2 overall. I have a large vocabulary and a good understanding of grammar but my ability to understand spoken French at normal speed is not very good and I need to use a dictionary and/or spell checker when I write. And let's not even talk about speaking. Ugh.


I scored 80%, but the fill-in-the-blank/multiple choice format made it a lot easier than if I had to write those sentences. I feel I would make a lot more errors if the test were a different format.

But good to know I haven't forgotten everything from high school french!


I got 95% which means C1. How can this be decided after so few questions is a mystery ! Comme c'est curieux et comme c'est bizarre...


if i had to guess, everyone that is learning korean is a kpop or kdrama fan. just a guess. but me too. however, i dont really care about learning the language. i can read it fluently but not speak it and that good enough for me.


B1 level french. aight that coo. ig.


35 percent, but I am a student in French I who hasn’t learned any tense besides present and know 5 irregular verbs. So scoring A1 isn’t bad.


I arrived late to the party, but I took this test today and received a 60% (with a whole lot of guessing). That puts me at advanced. Interestingly, my Spanish level is much better than my French (I thought) and I failed the B1 portion of the test. So!

I took this test before and I have much improved, however. Yay, thanks Duolingo!


You're probably no longer doing Duolingo, but that was really helpful. It's nice to recognise where I'm at - I went back and assessed according to the ones I genuinely knew (ie, took out the lucky guesses), and have to say, was quite pleased with myself. I'm still A1.1, and working towards A1, but it was nice to have my progress quantified. Now I have a marker to work from.


I'm surprised I got 60% (B1) considering I haven't taken a formal french class in years, and have only started to teach myself french about a month ago.

Definitely taking this one with a heaping pinch of salt lol

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