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"Last Saturday, they played together."

Translation:Samedi dernier, ils ont joué ensemble.

May 10, 2020



Why not "Le samedi dernier..."?


In French, putting 'le' before a day of the week implies that the event happens every Saturday, Sunday etc... So, when talking about just one Saturday, the article 'the' isn't necessary. Hope this helps (sorry I'm not very good at explaining)


Very helpful thanks


Is this "play" as in a board game or sport of "play" as in a musical instrument? Or is there no difference?


Any of those, plus "acted/performed".


samedi derniere ils ont joue ensemble is wrong, but how do we know whether to write dernier or dernier? Are days of the week masculine or feminine??


as far as I know, all days of the week are masculine


Why, in this instance, does 'joué' not have to have an 's' on the end, as you would write with 'allés', 'arrivés' etc, to conform to the plural 'ils' ? I wrote "samedi dernier, ils ont joués ensemble" and was marked wrong.


With the auxiliary "avoir", the past participle never agrees with the subject.

It can agree with a direct object that is placed before the verb but this sentence does not have a direct object anyway.

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