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  5. "Tha am mions blasta."

"Tha am mions blasta."

Translation:The mince is tasty.

May 10, 2020



You can totally not hear a separate a and m in this. Since Tha ends in A and mions starts with M.


I agree, but perhaps that is the way it should be pronounced?


I believe it is. am generally is unstressed /əm/, so it merges with the previous vowel, so you get tha am /ham/, and that then joins with the next word starting in /m/: tha am mions /hamːins/.


HELP! What's up with "am"?


What’s with it? You need to be a bit more specific what you need help with.

Also, you seem to not have read the tips and notes to the exercises, they explain most of the grammar used in the lessons. They are available in the web browser version of Duolingo (go to the https://duolingo.com website) – unfortunately they aren’t present in the mobile app. You can also read them on the duome.eu website.


I bet she meant : the "am" was NOT SAID on the recording ... it totally sounded like THA MIONS BLASTA - I couldn't make out the "am" as well - THA MI DUILICH !


I believe it to be the expected pronunciation. am generally is unstressed /əm/, so it merges with the previous vowel, so you get tha am /ham/, and that then joins with the next word starting in /m/: tha am mions /hamːins/.

So yeah… it’s not gonna be that easy to make out in natural language. Perhaps not the best sentence for listening exercise, but it’s good to know this difficulty can happen. :)

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Well given that you haven't included an option for a slower version, what we're suggesting is that this is said too quickly for a new learner to pick it up.


Thing is, even if you can't hear the "am," it's what has to be there according to the orthographic rules, and this is in fact a good way to learn that. Harsh, but effective.


Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't hear the am. Even replaying it & knowing it should be there.


Given that the 'am' is impossible to make out, and the sentence makes sense without it, this is a pretty awkward sentence for learners. It doesn't really work without further context.


Wow. I have been using the mobile app and had absolutely no idea that there was tips and notes with each exercise. This will be a lot easier now i suppose!


Couldn't hear'am' idir


I didn't hear the am the first time either. Played it several times and found that you can hear a sort of stop in the middle of the 'a' and a bit of elongation or stickiness in the em. This is normal for humans, isn't it? Words bleed into each other 'cause we're kind of lazy when we say things over and over again, which would be the case with articles. I just played it a lot to help myself develop the ear for it.


Just like with "Seo am balach" I do NOT hear 'am.'

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