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  5. "The sheep are wanting food."

"The sheep are wanting food."

Translation:Tha na caoraich ag iarraidh biadh.

May 11, 2020



Comment on an earlier question which didn’t have a discussion. It simply asked for a translation of “sheep” into Gaelic, but refused the answer “caoraich” and insisted the correct answer is “caora”. But as we all know, “sheep” in English is both singular and plural which seems to me to indicate that “caoraich” should be accepted. Or am I missing something?


I will explain lack of lenition below at some point ;-) (also with reference to "irregular" pluralization and how this would affect agreement of any adjectives ... i.e. if the sheep were small).


Hmmm last parenthetical remark only applies if it is a plural masculine noun ... if I recall correctly.

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