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les filles sont petites question

I had this listening exercise and I am having trouble distinguishing how to tell it is plural or singular.

les filles sont petites is the correct sentence.

which audio cue identifies that it is plural rather then singular? le fille sont petite vs les filles sont petites

May 11, 2020



For a start "le" and "les" sound different. But the real clue is sont - this is only used for plural.

ETA - and of course it is "la fille"


Singular la fille est petite Plural les filles sont petites


La fille est petite. The girl is short / little. Les filles sont petites. The girls are short.

Remember that verbs have different conjugations (spellings and sounds) depending on the subject of the verb (its grammatical person (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) and whether it is singular or plural.)

First person: (je) (singular); nous (plural)

Second person: tu (you informal, singular); vous (formal, singular or plural you -- but it uses the 2nd person plural conjugation)

Third person: il, elle (singular); ils, elles.

Definite articles in French:

la fille (noun is feminine, singular)

le livre (noun is masculine, singular)

l'homme (before a singular noun, m. or f., starting with a vowel or a mute h.)

les filles, les livres, les hommes: Used before plural nouns.


There is no such thin as le fille. It is either La fille est petite; or Les Filles sont petites. The verb will tell you whether it is singular or plural. Est = singular. Sont = plural le is pronounced like lew; and les is pronounced like lay.

[deactivated user]

    The main differences are in the sounds of the verb conjugations and the definite articles.

    You'll hear "les" as opposed to the singular "la". The plural verb conjugation is "sont" instead of the singular "est".

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