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"My mother-in-law always knits horrible sweaters."

Translation:Ma belle-mère tricote toujours des pulls horribles.

May 11, 2020



'... les pulls horribles' seems better. Why isn't it right?


"Horrible sweaters" is the plural of "a horrible sweater".

The plural of "un pull horrible" is "des pulls horribles".


Can't toujours come before the verb? I hear it spoken that way all of the time


French adverbs are never placed between the subject and its verb.


why does horribles not come before pulls given it relates to beauty and we were taught that beauty descriptors came before the noun?


"Horrible(s)" can be placed before or after the noun with a slight difference in meaning:

  • "D'horribles pulls" is your opinion only; so it is more subjective/relative.
  • "Des pulls horribles" is more factual or objective; everyone (except your mother-in-law) can agree on this characteristic.


'de' is singular but 'des' is plural


"De" is not singular. "De" is an invariable preposition.


I am not sure I understand. In certain sentences, it is 'de pulls horribles' and here we have 'des pulls horribles' - can somebody please explain to me the difference, and when we use this or that. thank you.


Why the obsession with knitting? Is it such a big thing in France? I know, according to the myth they were doing it when the guillotine was slicing off the heads of the aristocrats, but now?


Apparently you and I have different definitions of "obsession".

Anyway, for anyone who wants to translate French knitting patterns, here's a glossary of terms:


2020 was a record year for the knitting, sewing, gardening and DIY industries in France (and probably in other places). When people have more time, they like to create things with their own hands.

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