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"Why didn't you run after the bus?"

Translation:Pourquoi tu n'as pas couru après le bus ?

May 11, 2020



I thought with movement in the past tense, such as aller, entre (je suis allé, elle est entrée etc) you use être. Why not with courir?


i thought the same thing ... did anyone respond on why this was avoir and not etre?


No, its only the verbs of motion they mentioned in the tips to 4.9 at home 4. They mentioned 10 of them there. There were aller & arriver in 3.21 leisure. And there were 4 more verbs of state in 4.25 life that get être. If you add those up its 16 but its really 15 because they had devenir on the list in 4.9 and also in 4.25. Tomber they get to in set 5. So its those 16 verbs when used intransitively.

You'll find a subset of those verbs can take a cod and when they do, they take avoir in passe compose. But that is a lesson for much later on, like in set 6. But just to show you that concept here is monter conjugated with avoir & etre in passé composé and plus-que-parfait and future anterior:

One way to remember them is to call those 16 verbs the dr & mrs vandertramp verbs. There's scores of videos on them. Here's the one I used to remember them :

I chose that one because the song wasn't that bad and they used sentences for all the verbs so you could see the past participle changes. But really you can look on u-tube and find a song that suits you. There's also diagrams for the House of etre which is another way to remember those verbs.


Is it safe to run after buses in France?


Yes, very much so.


I was told that pas comes after the verb

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