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  5. "Hoe heet jouw vierde kind?"

"Hoe heet jouw vierde kind?"

Translation:What is your fourth child's name?

July 25, 2014



"How do you call your fourth kid?" has been marked incorrect. :/ I don't see why it is incorrect. Anyone? Dank je wel.


You probably wouldn't say that in English (except, I think, in some regional dialects). You might say "What is your fourth kid called?"

If someone asked me "how do you call your fourth kid?" I'd probably demonstrate the device or method that I used to summon him/her home (if I had four kids, that is).


Dank je wel. It makes sense! XD


I translated it as "What do you call your fourth child?" and it was marked wrong. I feel like that translation more correctly represents the construction in the sentence, but it does sort of sound like the beginning of a two-liner joke...


Is this an English course or a Dutch course? Variations might not be usual and proper uses in English, but the point of the exercise is to show comprehension of Dutch, not mastery of English. My first language is French, all sorts of variations pop up in my brain that fell acceptable to me, and some help my comprehension of Dutch. I don't care that they aren't perfect English translations.


Bien dit! I was thinking the same thing! Which is why I reported it.


Should "What do you call your fourth child" be accepted? I know it sounds a bit strange in English, but it's a perfectly acceptable translation, I think.


No thats actually fine in English :)


How can you tell (in the audio) the difference between jou and jouw? they sound so similar.


In fact, they sound the same. But "jou" is a personal pronoun ("Het kind is van jou"), while "jouw" is a possessive pronoun ("jouw kind"), so if you listen to the entire sentence you'll know which one it is.


aaaaaahhhh ok! that makes so much more sense now, thank you! :)

[deactivated user]

    Why not "How is called your fourth child"?


    That doesn't sound correct in English. "How (or What) is your fourth child called" would work, in English.


    I said "What did you call your fourth child?" Defending my choice, I would say that claiming a past tense translation for a sentence in the present tense doesn't necessarily make it an incorrect translation.

    There might be too many translations to this due to the issue of "heten" having no convenient equivalent in English.


    I think the problem here is that "❤❤❤ heet jouw vierde kind?" (present tense) is asking what the child is called now, whereas "What did you call your fourth child?" (past tense) is asking what you called the child in the past. Because of this, if you asked both questions, you might get different answers, proving that the questions had different meanings. Maybe you called the child Jonathan, but his name was later changed to Daniel.

    The other difference is that while the Dutch sentence asks what the child is called (generally), the English sentence you suggested asks what one particular person (you) called the child. Perhaps the child is generally known as Daniel, but you call him "pumpkin".


    I typed "what DO you call your fourth child" and was marked incorrect.
    Can anyone shed any light as to why it is incorrect?


    I think the difference is that if you ask what do you call your fourth child, you ask not for the actual name, but for how call him/her... for example if your daughter is named elizabeth, if you ask: ❤❤❤ heet jouw vierde kind? The answer is Elizabeth, but you could call her Lizzie...which would be the answer to your question...


    The hint "what is called" for "❤❤❤ heet" gives an incorrect answer here. It should be accepted, or the hint should be modified.


    "What is your fourth child called" is accepted (as are a few close alternatives to that sentence).

    Also keep in mind that the hints give possible translations, these are not always correct in all contexts.


    Waarom niet "Which is the name of your fourth kid?" ?


    "Which", as an interrogative pronoun, is when asking "what one?" from a definite set. If the set of answers is indefinite, you use "what". Compare:

    • "You can choose 10, 22, or 43.677." "Hmm, which should I choose?"
      (You could also use "what", but that would mean you could be considering other choices like 33.)
    • "You can choose any number you like." "Hmm, what should I choose?"
      (You can't use "which".)

    Since "❤❤❤ heet..." does not imply a choice from a definite set, "what is..." is the proper translation.


    Agreed. "Which is the name of your fourth kid?" only makes sense if you're looking at a list of names, and you know ONE of them is the fourth kid's name.


    I understand that it's a phrase, but Duolingo should accept the literal translation for an expression like this -_-


    What's your fourth child name? I got wrong, why?


    You need the possessive form - child's - to indicate that you are asking about the name of the fourth child - "the fourth child's name."

    Arguably, "the fourth child name" could work if what you have is a list of names for children - no children, just a list of names, which you refer to as "child names." But even that doesn't work very well.


    Somehow this question sounds faintly judgmental...


    How come '❤❤❤ heet' means not 'how hot' but 'whats the name'/'how smth is called'?

    • 39

    Because 'heten' is a verb. So, depending on the rest of the sentence, 'heet' can be either 'hot' or the first person singular form of the verb.


    'How is your fourth child called?'


    Please, try to read previous comments.

    'How is (somebody) called?' : by which means, with which device do you call/summon this person. (Although to my ears it sounds VERY strange, I would never say it like that, at least not conscioulsy... When I'm tired/distracted I might).

    'What is (somebody/something) called?': what is the name of this person/object.


    How do you say, what is your name? ❤❤❤ heet jij?


    Why is "Who is your fourth child?" incorrect?


    Because that translates to Wie is jouw vierde kind? or something like that (sorry, learner here).

    Anyway, they are two different questions.

    1) -What's your fourth child's name?


    You're asking about the name of the child.

    2) -Who is your fourth child?

    -The one wearing black trousers.

    Here you're asking your interlocutor to point out/identify their fourth child (as if you were looking at pictures or you were at some sort of school gathering, and you want to know out of all of those kids, which one is your interlocutor's fourth child.)

    Hope this helps.


    Why not: How is called your fourth kid?


    why ''what is called your fourth kid?'' is wrong?

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