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  5. "At the moment I am warm."

"At the moment I am warm."

Translation:Momenteel heb ik het warm.

July 25, 2014



What about "Momenteel ben ik warm"? I haven't reported, because I guess such a literal translation wouldn't be missed, and I shouldn't use this phrase. But can someone explain?


it just the same thing like "Hier is het warm" never say "hier is warm" it just weird


But "warm" is an adjective, too, right? I can order warme chocolademelk at any eetcafé.

So what would "Momenteel ben ik het warm." mean?


That translates as 'at the moment I am the warm'. Notice that 'the warm' looks weird: 'het' is linked to the verb 'hebben' here: 'het warm hebben'.

  • 'Ik heb het warm': I am warm.
  • 'Wij hebben het warm': we are warm.
  • Also 'wij hebben het koud': we are cold.

You're right about 'warm' being an adjective and about the 'warme chocolade' melk btw ;-)


I think 'ik ben warm' would mean 'being warm to the touch' whereas ik heb het warm means 'I feel warm'. It's a feeling exclusive to you.


"Ik heb het warm op het moment" is a possible translation as well


Could I possibly say "Voorlopig heb ik het warm" ?

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