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  5. "Il maglione è di pura lana."

"Il maglione è di pura lana."

Translation:The sweater is of pure wool.

May 8, 2013



"The shirt is made of pure wool." was accepted.

I always feel happy when DL accepts a translation that is not 1:1 word-to-word!


For us a garment of pure wool is called a jersey or jumper. A sweater is of cotton or other material and is for sport. Sweaters are NOT made of wool here.


when we translate, it would be good if it were actually what is said in English...


That's what the 'report a problem' button is there for, thanks!


What about "pullover"? DL didn't accept... Would you help me, please?


The key to most of the complaints is that there is no such thing as "what is said in English". The brits say one thing, the kiwis another, the yanks something different, the aussies different again and so on.


what is the difference between OF pure wool and FROM pure wool?


The definition they give for "e di" is to mean "is from" and yet "The sweater is from pure wool" is marked wrong.


I think "made from wool" definitely exists. "It is from wool" gives very few hits in google, though my sense it that it is also correct but maybe less natural.


In this case, you would say neither "of" nor "from", anyway. You would just say It's "pure wool"


Yes I agree with you.


can maglione also mean sweatshirt?


I'd say: the sweater is ALL wool or 100 % wool in English


This drives me nuts. What is the difference between a jumper and a jersey? None. So please allow jersey, which is what we would say in UK. Ditto pullover and sweater. They are all the same thing.


Everything on DL leans towards American English - it used to drive me crazy but now I just view it as an extra learning opportunity.


I agree, about jersey, and am us, not uk; pullover I wouldn't use, but don't mind if you do


This module has a different speaker. I can actually understand her.


Why is the adjective "pura" before "wool"? Can someone please tell me all of the categories of adjectives that are supposed to come BEFORE the nouns?


A pure wool jumper is worn, surely a sweater is a person who perspires a lot.


A general quibble about the "Another correct solution:"...

I get it when, for example a sentence could imply masculine or feminine. However there are lots of suggestions offered which are in the category of "there is another dialect of English and we want to tell you the valid answer in that dialect." That would be fantastic if this was an English course but it is not: it is an Italian course. Examples are cookie/biscuit, jumper/sweater, mom/mum, gasoline/petrol etc. etc. etc.

I am fluent in two or three dialects of English so this is of zero assistance for me and in general should not be there. Perhaps the answer matching engine does not understand this distinction (where A and B are equivalent in different dialects of English) but perhaps it should.


Even more annoying is to be told unhelpfully that color could be used instead of colour etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. I mean just get over it, we know that different dialects of English have different spellings!


jumper, not accepted

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