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App suggestion: make language packs downloadable


I like using the app on my Android, but unfortunately, it doesn't really work offline - it just loads about 5 or 6 new lessons of the open units in the cache, but no practice mode and no new units.

It would be great if we could have the option to download a language manually, if we're planning to have no connection for a long period of time (on a plane...). It could include at least 10 units with all lessons, and a whole bunch of practice sessions, based on your weaknesses before you lost data connection.

For me, vacation abroad means no data, no Duo :-(

July 25, 2014



Yes!! Great suggestion. Also, something must be done about the accepted answers in the offline mode. I understand that they can't put every single possible answer of every sentence in the offline mode, but sometimes it's ridiculous how perfectly correct synonyms which would be considered correct in the online mode, are rejected in the offline one. :-(

I know that the amazing Duolingo team has a lot on their plate these days, but the mobile apps ought to be given priority as most people use Duo exclusively on their mobiles/tablets. Also, an improved offline app would enable users to be much more productive even when Internet is not available.

Cheers :-)

July 25, 2014


Well I think it would be great if offline mode had 5 - 10 strengthen skills in it. If I'm on the plane or train with a bad or non-existent internet connection, it would be great to do some strengthen skills as well as new lessons.

August 19, 2014


I agree with you!

July 25, 2014


I don't even understand how you are able to practice offline at all. I have never been able to do that on my Android phone. When I have no connection I can't do anything, I can't even finish the lesson I'm working on. I saw some people talking about doing lessons offline but I always assumed it was a feature of the iOS version which I don't use.

July 25, 2014


In theory you just have to open your Duo app while online. You wait a few minutes so it has time to load the lessons - there is no indication of the loading being in progress, so just leave the app open for like 5 minutes. Then if you turn off data and enter a unit in which you haven't finished all the lessons yet, the next 5 lessons or so should be available.

July 26, 2014


Hmm.. That doesn't seem to work for me. I often practice Duolingo on the train, so when I start I have a good connection, but whenever the connection drops the app is stalled while it's trying to verify the answer. It seems the connection should usually be available long enough to be able to download the lesson, but it doesn't seem like anything is downloaded. Or maybe the connection is not completely gone but just extremely slow.

Anyway, after reading the remarks here that less translations are accepted, I think I'll rather wait than lose all my hearts because my valid translation wasn't the default one.

July 26, 2014


Like swtoby said, practice is not available, just new lessons for a tree you haven't finished. Offline mode also only applies to the last language you've practiced through the app: if the last language you practiced was one you finished your tree in, there is no offline mode. If the last language you practiced was one that still had some unconquered skills, you're offered one of the available new skills, picked at random from what I can tell. If you retake a lesson, you'll notice the sentences are always the same. There is no way to switch languages when offline, so I'm assuming downloaded data from "unfinished" language gets deleted as soon as you switch to another one while online. It's pretty clumsy, I really do hope they find a solution.

July 26, 2014


Thanks, I will try to test that.

July 27, 2014


I absolutely agree with this. I've been using the Duo Android App offline at work to finish my Portuguese tree, but now that that's done, the offline feature is virtually useless to me.

All the current offline mode offers is a few lessons in skills that you haven't learnt yet, of which, once you've finished the tree, there are none left, making the offline mode redundant.

I would love to be able to download some specific lessons in one or more of the languages, be it either the ones that aren't golden anymore or some "random" Strengthen Skills lessons.

Either way, improving the offline mode would sure be a great thing!

July 25, 2014


i would love this too

July 25, 2014
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