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"Si tu as de l'ambition, tu peux devenir avocat."

Translation:If you have ambition, you can become a lawyer.

May 11, 2020



If you have the ambition, you can become a lawyer. Not accepted yet an acceptable translation in English.


Also, if you are ambitious, you can become a lawyer, not accepted.


To be accurate, there is an indefinite article (de l') in front of ambition. There is no definite article to be translated into "the".

Also, ambition is a mass noun, so the English definite article is questionable.


Technically, it is a partitive article: "(some) ambition". An indefinite article would be "une ambition".


Entering the above sentence in order to pass this set made me cross. The correct translation should include "the" in front of ambition.


Whilst it is what we might say, it does suggest that you might have failed to understand that the French sentence was not expressed that way.

Unfortunately, there is no way to flag to Duo that you have understood it but wish to express it differently.


Agree with others. I also used 'the' ambition which is used in English.

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You too can become an avocado.


Too many American usages, English should also be accepted!


I cannot believe that my answer was disallowed. If you have the ambition, you can become a lawyer. Nothing at all wrong with that. I would use that term.


Advocate not acceptable?


Hello! Please, can someone clarify to me why the ovcupation sometimes require an article and at other times is intuitive.


If you are ambitious you can become a lawyer seems a better english translation


Y write you can become a lawyer. Sometimes a is omitted. Duo uses articles and prepositions as and when desired. Its terrible


"Y" is a pronoun and "à" is a preposition, nothing to do with articles. Duo uses pronouns and prepositions (and articles) as and when required. That's French.


This translation is just wrong. If you have the ambition... Is good English


"Ambition" is not a countable noun, both are fine in English.

But the French translates as "ambition", not "the ambition", which is what Duo is trying to teach you.


If you have "the" ambition is alternately grammatically correct in English. Should not have been marked wrong.


But if he has "the ambition" wouldn't he be targeting QC, or maybe even Lord Chief Justice?

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