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Scottish Gaelic speaking practice?

Why isn't there speaking practice where you speak the words and it tells you if you are right with pronunciation, I really want that to be a feature of duolingo. If anyone can tell me what I can do to make that happen please tell me.

May 11, 2020



I think many of us would like that. However, Scottish Gaelic is such a small community in comparison to that of French, German, etc and there are just not as many resources for it. That said, you could record yourself speaking something where you have both the text and the teaching recording, and then compare your recording to the original. Of course that's just you doing the evaluation, but I've found that very helpful myself.

LearnGaelic.scot has quite a few learning options with recordings at all levels -- where they also have the text so you can see exactly what is being spoken.

I do quite a lot of practice where I listen/pause the recording/repeat what was said -- phrase by phrase or sentence by sentence if they are short enough. At the moment I'm doing that with Litir Bheag (Little Letter) on LearnGaelic.scot. I think it helps, but of course the best way to improve your speaking skills is to have a teacher who is fluent, who can explain how to make the sounds of the language and correct you as you go along.

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply.


    This is helpful. Dialogue practice would be helpful, too, I think. I am not finished with the course yet but already I am missing the expressive language piece. Duolingo is great re: recognition and vocabulary. But actively conversing is another matter.


    I was hoping for the same thing as now i have completed all levels ( im gutted there are no more YET) It occured to me that I have the the reading and writing part down but no the spoken word, although i do what AJFJdb said and speak after the recordings to mysef.. no im not crazy talking to myself lol. It may sound ok to me but to a gaelic speaking person they may think wtf! Lol I keep boasting to my family im getting quite good at gaelic n their reply to me is ' ohh thats great but who the heck are you going to converse with' .. being all scots its a damn shame i will have to hunt for another gaelic speaker.. i cannot wait until scits gaelic is back in scottish schools!


    The Gaelic course audio is entirely real humans speaking, unlike most courses which use computerized voices, because there isn't a Gaelic text to speech program available. This means that there is also no speech to text function either.


    I want that too. And I’m going to finish the course, as it is currently displayed, at the Gaelic cup which makes it an amazingly short and basic course compared with my wife’s French marathon - which includes speaking practice.

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