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Practicing Gaelic in real life

I'm Scottish born and bred but living near Dundee doesn't exactly expose me to much Gaelic in the real world. When learning foreign languages I like to try to expose myself to it while out and about to pick things up more quickly. Does anyone have any tips on how to do that with Gaelic? Been up to the highlands a few times and not really noticed a whole load of opportunities to practice Gaelic (although, to be fair, I wasn't looking for it at the time).

May 11, 2020



If you know anyone with scottish Gaelic knowledge, you could video call them


Don't know anyone who speaks it unfortunately.


That is unfortunate

[deactivated user]

    There was supposed to be a couple of Duolingo organised events in Dunfermline at the start of June, but with things as they are, these have been cancelled. Duolingo have advised organisers to do video conferencing where possible. It may be worth sending an email to them to see if this is possible.


    I live in Texas, y'all. I don't hold out hope of ever speaking Scottish Gaelic with a real person in real life. I can only hope for a Tandem partner someday -- maybe. Fingers crossed.


    I live in Colorado. I feel your pain. We do have a small group here that gets together once month to practice, but I've never gone because it's far from my house. There are a couple Facebook groups that have native Gaelic speakers that offer to converse, but I'm not sure if they'll do it for free.


    They have Gàidhlig meetings on Uibhist. It is not next door, but not so far from where you live. I was thinking about going there on holiday again and try to attend. The Hebrides have all the street signs in Gaidhlig, and in some areas even the signs for supermarket sections. There must be native speakers ...


    Forgot to mention the CalMac ferries. They actually make all the announcements in Gàidhlig. Seems to be mandatory for them.

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