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Are you working on a Québécois option? I need to learn French but for Montreal, not Paris and the pronunciations are very different.

May 11, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I have used my European French with no problems across French-speaking areas of Canada. The differences are less than between American English and British English (or Canadian English, for that matter - which is different from both!) and we all seem to understand each other pretty well too!


    if they had extra time to add a feature this would not be bad tho i mean there ARE some differences as a native Quebecois french speaker i dont understand some words that euro Frenches use and they dont understand a lot of words that i use since im in a parts of Canada that uses euro french for their french curriculum

    [deactivated user]

      As with a few words between English and American English, yet we all rub along fine and generally manage to understand each other - but if you are bright enough to learn using Duolingo, you are also perfectly capable of using you-tube add a dictionary to check for differences, or listening for differences when in conversation, and asking the person you are talking to about them - that is useful for both speaker and listener!


      yes i think this would be useful as an extension to the french curriculum or they could add it as a branched path when you start your first lessons that would be pretty dope

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