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Are stories better for learning?

I have found that stories might be more entertaining, but which one is more educational? i simply want to learn French:)

May 11, 2020



To learn any language thoroughly you need to use a variety of tools and sources, so do both!


Yes! Do all of it!


Yes. The stories are important, due to the fact that they
contextualize what you're learning into more realistic,
less pedantic formulation!! We all need them to really learn.

Great question. Thanks for posting.
Keep up the good work.


The lessons. Repetition is the way to learn. But the stories are important - they give you real speech (instead of robots), different vocab, and no translating.


In order to learn, we need to practice. For me, that's the purpose of the Stories—practice. They also introduce in the later sets some vocabulary and expressions that the lessons don't teach.

Timor mortis conturbat me. 2020-05-11


I don't find them to be. Unless they get different later on (I've only done maybe 1/3?), they're all clicking from a word bank. They are extremely easy. I think they're an okay thing to do sometimes but I certainly wouldn't do them at the expense of the real lessons.


They do get harder. You need to work through the easier ones to where all the questions and surrounding language are in the target language, and they do get more complex and precise. The beginning ones are easy on purpose.

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