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  5. "The important woman is tall."

"The important woman is tall."

Translation:De belangrijke mevrouw is lang.

July 25, 2014



do mevrouw and vrouw mean the same thing?


Not quite. "Vrouw" means simply woman. "Mevrouw" can either be a title for a married (or otherwise respectable, in these days) woman, comparable to the English honorific Ms., or it can mean lady (referring to an older or respectable woman).

"Mevrouw De Vries woont in Amsterdam" - "Ms. De Vries lives in Amsterdam"
"Die mevrouw heeft een gele hoed" - "That lady has a yellow hat"

Edit to add disclaimer: I am certainly not an expert when it comes to titles and honorifics like Mevrouw, Meneer, Ms., Mrs, etc. I also think their meaning might have shifted somewhat over the last decades, with respect to marital status and such. Feel free to correct me if I screwed up.


thanks!! thats really helpful


waht is the different about these words? belangrijk and belangrijke.


In fact, anyone but you must see compose of the phrase, in this case, you write Articucle + Adj. + Noun, in this case, in the Adjec. you add the -e, in the end of word...When you write... De belangrijke mevrouw.... De vrouwen zijn belangrijk, change the compose of the phrase, Artc + noun + tobe....The adjec have to be in its normal form....

P.D- Sorry for my english,Ik spreek een geen goed Engels!


I keep forgetting that! Thanks for the explanation


This is better and shorter:

"De" words = the Adj. always needs the -e. "het" words= the Adj. always needs the e-. Plural words= the Adj. always needs the -e.

When the noun is preceded by an indefinite article 'een', the adjective takes -e only with words that use the definite article "the"

"Een licht paard(het)" / "Een lichte hond(de)" "Een groot huis(het)" / "Een grote olifant(de)"


Mevrouw is a de word, so the adj. should be adj.+e. If you say De mevrouw is belangrijk, then no e, because the adj. is after be verb. any adj. after be word does not add e.


Can't I say “De belangrijke vrouw is groot”? If not, why? I think I already translated groot to tall a few times and it was right.


It should have been accepted in my opinion. Groot is often used to mean tall, especially with children.


Is there a short version for meneer and mevrouw, like Ms, Mr etc?


Ca ne devrait pas être "mevrouw", mais "vrouw"


Pas vraiment il y a des explications des gens qui disent que, en fait, mevrouw c'est un genre de titre et vu que l'on est en train de s'entraîner sur la formalité, c'est important de mettre "vrouw". En vrai il faudrait parler avec un vrai nérlandais pour comprendre ce qui se passe ici, et qu'est-ce que la vraie formalité que l'on utilise au quotidien.


J'ai tapé "vrouw", et il n'y avait pas de problème. C'est une alternative acceptée.


why is it "mevrouw" in this case and not the normal "vrouw"?

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