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"Marie loves chatting with Anna, her neighbor."

Translation:Marie adore discuter avec Anna, sa voisine.

May 11, 2020



This far along in the course, and I'm still confused between "aimer" and "adorer", as well as "ami(e)" and "copain/copine". It must be so hard to figure out where you are on the friendship like-to-love scale when you're speaking French!!! Every time someone gives me a guide to go by, Duolingo comes up with examples that don't adhere to the rules.


accepted bavarder in place of discuter July 2020

aimer - love a person, like a thing

aimer bien - like a person, the bien qualifies it to like.

adorer - love person and thing

ami(e) - friend

petit(e) ami(e) - boyfriend, girlfriend

I'm not too sure about copain/copine. I thought it meant close friend/buddy but I have seen duo use it for boy/girlfriend


I put 'aime' and this was corrected as 'adore'. It's like tossing a coin!!


Not really. As I said in my previous post Aimer is for loving a person, but liking anything else. If you want to like a person, use aimer bien Adorer means to love anything including a person.


So why did the previous excercise use aimer for two friends loving to talk?


Duo uses aimer and adorer As he wants It has nothing to do with persons, situations, things or whatever My native French speaking BF would have translated the sentence with 'aime' and not adore So DUO please make your homework (as you want we do ours) and be more flexible with the translations

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